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Swimming or cycling, which is better for weight loss?

Source: Times Of India

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Swimming is a low-impact workout which uses all the body parts and that is why, many people feel that it helps them burn more calories. It’s a great cardiovascular workout as it is good for your lungs and heart. Swimming is also good for people with joint problems. Water supports the body weight and thus puts no stress on the joints. The activity is pretty exhaustive but it gives your upper body a great toning and definition.
Low-intensity exercises are better to burn fat. Swimming being a low-intensity exercise qualifies as being the better one to lose weight when compared with cycling. A man weighing around 70-80 kilos burns around 750 calories during one hour of swimming session.

Cycling, if done at a moderate pace, is considered as a low-intensity exercise. But a few drawbacks of cycling are if your cycle is not of the right size or if you do not do it properly then it can lead to injury. Though incorporating this exercise in your daily routine is easy as you can simply go to office or market by your cycle. You do not need to take out extra time, unlike for swimming.