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DU admissions 2018: Students, here’s a second chance to amend the application form

Source: Hindustan Times

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Delhi University is giving a second chance to applicants, who completed the application form but did not select even a single course, by allowing them to choose any one course that they are eligible for.

This will give them an opportunity to seek admission in a DU college.

DU uses a single application form for its undergraduate programmes, and students are allowed to choose as many course options as they want to. Once submitted, the university does not allow addition of courses even if the applicant has selected just one course.

However, some students have failed to choose any course that they were eligible for, or haven’t chosen any course option at all. Such students would be allowed to choose only one course option that they are eligible for, to help them get admitted to a DU college.

“If a student completed the application form but did not select even a single course, we are now allowing them to pick just one course option for which they are eligible. This provision would also be applicable for students who selected only those courses which they are not eligible for,” said MK Pandit, chairperson of the admission committee.

Pandit said students are being given this one chance so that they remain in the university system if they have completed the application form. For example, an official said that, if a humanities student only opted for science courses that s/he is not eligible for, then s/he will be allowed to make changes to the form. Admission grievance committee members said they do get such cases but they are very few.