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Bigg Boss 12, day 23 highlights: Jasleen finds comfort in Shivashish, Sreesanth reveals his game plan

Source: Hindustan Times

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The new Bigg Boss episode took over from the ongoing luxury budget task ‘Jail Break’ with an unforeseen dynamics emerging in the house. While Anup Jalota continues to keep a watch on the activities of the contestants from his secret chamber, Jasleen Matharu finds comfort in Shivashish Mishra as she feels stranded in the house. She promises to tell him a lot about herself and partner Anup Jalota after the show.

During the game, Surbhi Rana shows her aggressive side and pulls Srishty Rode by her hair to stop her from escaping. However, this does not go down well with the contestants who raise their hands against such a risky game. Despite Surbhi apologising to Srishty, the singles decide to keep the issue alive for future benefits. Deepak Thakur also accuses Shivashish of kicking him which had hurt his face. As a result, Bigg Boss disqualifies Surbhi and Shivashish from the captaincy race.

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Sreesanth gets an opportunity to escape and cement his position for captaincy, but the former cricketer voluntarily gives up and is ousted from the captaincy race. This leaves Deepika upset while Karanvir blames Somi and Saba Khan of instigating Sreesanth to give up. Sreesanth later reveals to Srishty that the singles are using relationships in the game and that showing himself as a weaker player is not his weakness but his strategy. He confesses that he didn’t escape due to emotional reasons but as part of his strategy.

Surbhi continues to pick fights with Sreesanth in the house but also bonds with him in private. The seed of doubt seems to spread its roots among the singles. All is not fine between the jodi of Deepak and Urvashi Wani as their differences come to the fore. Deepak abuses Sourabh which makes him lose his cool. Sourabh gets violent and threatens to leave the show.

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