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Bigg Boss 12, day 24 highlights: Sreesanth gets eliminated, Karanvir or Nehha to face eviction during the weekend

Source: Hindustan Times

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The new Bigg Boss episode began with the conclusion of the game Jail Break being played under the luxury budget task. Meanwhile, in the race for captaincy, while the jodi of Saba and Somi Khan was confirmed in the first half of the game; Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode and Urvashi Vani competed during the second half of the game.

S Sreesanth volunteered to play policeman despite Deepak Thakur’s requests to let him play the part and assured him that he would not stop Urvashi from escaping from the jail. But the former cricketer stopped Urvashi and instead let Srishty escape, making her eligible for the captaincy.

Deepak learnt his lesson of not trusting a rival as Sreesanth ditched him. This left the jodi of Saba-Somi and Srishty in the captaincy race. Surbhi also learnt a lesson and regretted motivating Sreesanth, who helped his team’s Srishty in winning the second-half of the game.

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As Anup Jalota continued to keep a watch on Jasleen Matharu from the secret room, she bonded with Shivashish Mishra. Sourabh Patel too watched from a distance. Jasleen and Shivashish chatted during bedtime and tried have some fun with Surbhi (they took away her blanket without asking her).

The next morning began on a happy note as Jasleen turned a bathroom singer and sang a beautiful bhajan. Anup heard her melodious voice and said that she will be a successful singer one day.

Somi picked up a fight with Sreesanth as the latter sounded rude and impolite while arguing with her in Hindi. He, however, blamed his not-so-fluent Hindi for the misunderstanding.

With the fear of eliminations looming large over Karanvir, Nehha and Sreesanth; Bigg Boss finally called the contestants and asked each one of them to name the player they wanted to leave the game. While the votes got divided between Nehha and Sreesanth, Bigg Boss went on to eliminate the former cricketer. Interestingly, Sreesanth walked out of the house only to land in the secret room to join Anup. He, however, expressed a keen interest in knowing why his close friend Dipika Kakar Ibrahim voted him out.

But the day was still not over as the Big Boss announced the voting lines open again for the upcoming evictions during the weekend. So, who will be the next contestant to walk out of the house — Karanvir or Nehha?