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Our Nation’s Bapu ji’s favorite hymn goes global

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, very well known as Bapu ji or Gandhi ji all over India and even abroad, had selflessly contributed in our country’s struggle of making it an independent country. Although we do not have Gandhi ji’s physical presence, he still lives in the hearts of every citizen of the nation. On October 2nd every year the nation celebrates Gandhi ji’s birthday as Gandhi Jayanti all over India and also in other countries. Not only is it celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti but this day is also celebrated as the International non-violence day worldwide. This year being the 150th year celebration of Gandhi Jayanti, the celebration has crossed the seas, with the worldwide celebration of Gandhi ji’s birth anniversary.

Gandhi jayanthi celebration gone global

Gandhi ji is well known even in other countries but was a simply an amazing treat to see the 40 countries come together to a pay a tribute to Gandhi ji on October 2nd as a part Gandhi Jayanti celebration.  On October 2nd , our prime minister, Narendra Modi, launched a musical melody via his twitter handle, which is a music video featuring 124 popular local artists from 40 countries come together to perform on the famous melody, ‘Vaishnava Jan To’, which happened to be Gandhi ji’s favourite devotional song.

‘Vaishnava Jan To’, a beautiful devotional melody

Vaishnava Jan To, is very famous devotional song which is beautifully sung in Gujarati language. Gandhi ji was born in Porbandar, Gujrat, India, and happened to be a Gujrati. Gandhi ji had a great love for devotional song and song Vaishnava Jan To, being his favourite one, always held a special place in his heart. On his 150th year birth celebration the artist showed immense love and tribute to Gandhi ji by collaborating and singing his favourite in a music video.

Countries who collaborated for the music video

The was love was shown all the way from Sri Lanka, Maldives, Laos, Nepal, Afghanistan, Columbia, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Azerbaijan, China, Germany, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nauru, Mongolia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Italy, Bahrain, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bhutan, Guyana, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Denmark, Finland, Myanmar, Cuba, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Spain, Iraq, Tunisia, Namibia, Tanzania, Sweden and Japan. All the local popular artists of these countries collaborated for the music video but the most special of all was the contribution of the president of Nauru, Baron Divasi Waqa in the music video. The Nauru president was seen singing a small part of the famous song the music video and paying his tribute to Gandhi ji, which definitely delighted prime minister of India, Narendra Modi and all the Indian citizens.

Gandhi lives forever

The beautifully collaborated music video shows how Gandhi ji is still being remembered in our country and in other countries, as all the artists worldwide showcase their immense love in tribute to our Bapu ji. When Gandhi ji led Indians to make the country free and independent country, inspired a lot of people in India and even overseas. Till today Gandhi ji’s life and lessons taught by him is being inspired by many people and will continue to inspire many more.