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Gurugram bans sale of all crackers except green ones, fixes time for fireworks

Source: Hindustan Times

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Gurugram’s Deputy Commissioner (DC) Vinay Pratap Singh on Tuesday issued an order banning the sale of all crackers, except green crackers, in the district, following a Supreme Court order last week.

In a separate order, the DC also fixed the time — from 8pm to 10pm on November 7 — during which crackers can be burst on the day of Diwali festival. Bursting of crackers on any other day from October 30 till November 8 is prohibited, the order said.

Meanwhile, the city police said that they have already given directions to all station house officers (SHOs) for implementing the timing and enforcing the ban on crackers, except green crackers.

Green crackers are made from eco-friendly materials and compared to conventional firecrackers, have lower emission and decibel levels upon bursting.

“We are also making sure that wholesalers who had stocked up on crackers before the Supreme Court order are not selling them,” said Subhash Boken, the spokesperson for the Gurugram police.

The police and district administration said that green crackers are yet to hit the market.

Munish Sharma, the additional deputy commissioner, said that traders who want to obtain a licence for selling crackers will have to prove to the district administration that they have green crackers. He added that it is highly unlikely that traders would be able to obtain green crackers before Diwali.

“Green crackers are not being commercially produced and the licence has not been issued to any trader for selling crackers,” said Sharma.

Boken said that if anyone is found selling crackers, the police will coordinate with the district administration to check whether the materials being sold are indeed green crackers.

The DC said in the order that station house officers (SHOs) of respective areas are responsible for the implementation of the orders. They will be charged with contempt of the court, if any violation is found under his/her police station limits, the order said.

Boken said that no separate team has been formed for implementing the orders and the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) of each zone would monitor the implementation and enforcement.

A meeting between the district administration and police is to be held on November 2, in which the orders will be discussed further.

Citizens can inform the nearest police station if they find anyone bursting crackers, police said.

The order issued on Tuesday also asked regional officers of the pollution control board to conduct a temporary vigil monitoring in the district for 14 days — seven days prior to Diwali and seven days post-Diwali — to ascertain the levels of barium, aluminium and iron in the atmosphere.

The DC said in the order that this would help in generation of data on pollution caused by bursting of firecrackers and help in regulation of barium, aluminium and iron used in making firecrackers.