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Asiad Circus : Performances, Circus | Hindi | 2hrs 15mins

Source : Hindustan Times

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Asiad Circus

Asiad Circus will immerse you into a new kind of magical world, A kind you’ve never seen before, with guess what, No Hogwarts required! After years of training and practice, the artists are able to pull off stunts better than you’ll ever see in Hollywood, and they don’t even get to retake them! We bet you won’t allow any of your friends to miss the opportunity to witness this amazing live show.


  • Age Limit: 3+
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  • In the event of an issue beyond the Seller’s control which negatively impacts or is likely negatively to impact the safety or set up of the Event, including but not limited to adverse weather, security issues, accidental damage or injury to equipment or personnel, the Seller may postpone the Event in whole or at its election. Any such postponement will be notified to you. If the Event is postponed to any Day, your ticket will be valid for the notified Day and you will not be entitled to a refund. Please keep your ticket.
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  • The Seller may add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute riders and performers, advertised events or performances. The Seller may also interrupt, shorten, bring forward, delay or stop the Event due to circumstances beyond its control.
  • The following items are prohibited from the Event – still cameras of professional quality as determined by Seller, video or movie cameras, audio and/or video recorders, banners, goods intended for sale and/or any item which may injure or annoy other persons or hamper/impede the conduct of the Event including chairs, umbrellas, tomatoes, eggs, bottles, platforms or anything that can be used to erect platforms or obstruct the view of patrons.
  • You understand that the Event may be filmed or photographed and that by your attendance at the Event you are automatically granting to the Seller and its agents and assigns without compensation the irrevocable right to include your image, voice and/or likeness in or out of context in any such film or photograph and to use the same in any media for any purpose throughout the world in perpetuity.
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  • The stunts performed in the Event are dangerous. It is a condition of your entry into the venue that to the fullest extent permitted by law you release and indemnify the Seller (and its officers, employees, contractors, agents, licensees, and assignees) and the venue from any loss, damage, claim or demand to arise as a consequence of your attendance at the Event.
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