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Delhi brides are big on celeb inspired lehengas, and how

Source : Hindustan Times

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The wedding season is in full-swing, and to-be brides are already flocking the city markets to buy that ‘perfect’ wedding lehenga. And thanks to the many celebrity weddings, demands for the lehengas which are similar to what actors Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone wore is the highest.

The shopkeepers at Delhi’s hub for all things shaadi — Chandni Chowk — are busy providing would-be-brides their dream thing for D-Day

“Some still want a lehenga they saw at a fashion week, but the demand for lehengas inspired by the ones that Anushka or Sonam wore is way higher… Dulhan bhi to keh paayegi ki Anushka wala lehenga pehna hai!” says Bharat Sethi of Krishna Lehenga House.

“Anushka’s lehenga has been in demand for the longest, but now orders for the Sonam Kapoor and Neha Dhupia lehengas are increasing. And Deepika Padukone’s wedding lehenga is expected to top the demand.”

Depending on the customisation work, these cost anywhere between Rs 30,000 and Rs 2,00,000.

However, the Delhi bride is very particular of not showing up in the exact same clothes as anyone else at their wedding. So, they go for the ensemble as their favourite star but with enough alterations and customisation to make it look unique.

“Deepika’s lehenga is heavy and not too practical for the regular bride, Anushka and Sonam’s lehengas are heavy on design but lighter to wear. Customers often come in with orders to mix the two designs so a completely new lehenga can be made. We have always done customisation so it isn’t hard for us to blend two designs or change the colour according to the bride’s request,” says Vikas Arora of Gorvi Creations.

Interestingly, as soon as the pictures of Priyanka Chopra’s wedding functions surfaced, many shopkeepers got requests for her wedding dresses, too.