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Mohabbat-E-Taj Show

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Mohabbat the Taj is a play that depicts the saga of love. The drama is set in the 16th century and portrays the lavishness and grandeur of Mughal era. It also portrays the true and immortal love of Shah Jahan and his beautiful wife Mumtaz. Conceptualized by Ashok Kumar Jain, chairman of Kalakriti Cultural & Convention Centre, it will help in rebuilding the interest in Indian history and culture. The credit of the script and dialogues of the dance drama goes to Jalees Sherwani. The ghazals are sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and Roop Kumar Rathod.

The 80 minute show of the Mohabbat the Taj will be an absorbing experience for the audience. The remarkable performances of the various artists will make you feel very close to the era. Moreover, there will also be the replica of Mughal architecture. Built of Makrana marble with 8500 kilogram of inlay work, it will be a treat to the eye. It actually helps the dance drama to get a much more realistic look as it reflects the various moods and shades.

The larger than life costumes and the extravagant setting perfectly portrays the 16th century Mugha era. These aspects of the dance drama actually help in giving it a complete shape. Hence, don’t miss the “Mohabbat the Taj” at Kalakriti Theatre, Agra.