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CES 2019 preview: 5G to rollable TVs, here’s what to expect from the world’s biggest tech show

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We are just days away from the world’s biggest technology conference, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019. Launch pad for the next generation of everything in the tech space, CES sets the trend for the industry for rest of the year.

This year’s edition of CES is going to be the biggest ever as the new-age technologies such as 5G mobility and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take the centre stage. You can also expect a range of announcements related to self-driving cars, smart homes, and augmented reality and virtual reality among others.

CES 2019: When, where and how to follow
Just like every year, CES is scheduled to begin on January 8 in Las Vegas, US. The trade show will continue till January 11. Companies are expected to start making announcements a couple of days before the show opens to the public.

Over 4,500 exhibiting companies including developers, suppliers, technology delivery systems are expected to participate in the trade show. The event is said to attract more than 180,000 attendees across 150 countries.

You can follow the show on the company’s official website or through official apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

5G but not just phones
Undoubtedly, 5G is going to take the centre stage at the upcoming technology show. Chipset giant Qualcomm last month launched Snapdragon 855 processor with 5G support. The chip is set to power a range of flagship smartphones including OnePlus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S10 this year. We can expect new smartphones with 5G compatibility at the trade show.

Network operators are expected to showcase live 5G demos at the conference. The next-generation of broadband is likely to come to non-smartphone categories such as Internet of Things. LG is reportedly going to launch a range of smart home appliances powered by 5G.

Rollable and smarter TVs
Rollable TVs are set to become a reality this year. Last year, LG unveiled a 65-inch display that can be rolled like a paper. The OLED display sports 4K resolution.

“The newly-unveiled 65-inch rollable UHD OLED display especially highlights the distinctive technological edges and unlimited potential of OLEDs. It can be rolled up and hidden when not in use, and the small size of the rolled-up screen means that it can be more easily moved and stored, allowing for better space utilization, something existing displays can’t deliver,” LG had explained.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, LG is now planning to commercially launch these foldable TVs this year. CES 2019 could very well be the launch pad for these smart TVs.