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Wildlife – an inevitable component of unbiased Nature

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Uttering the word ‘Wildlife’ three millions years back would be of no sense to human beings as there was nothing but wildlife at that time. They needed this particular term right at the moment they made a choice to walk on the way of civilization and started deforesting their primitive habitat in order to adapt with their new lifestyle. And the story goes on and on..till date. Killing of wild animals was the need in ancient days, but we missed the right turn somewhere and it became our greed. It went so far that ‘Wildlife’ with whole human race is now at the verge of extinction, because that’s how Mother Nature has her rules set – the rule of coexistence – which seriously disallows any exception of singularity. She has placed each and every component on a thread very carefully and disturbance at any point could cause disruption of the whole thread.

Fortunately, a group of enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, conservationists or naturalists have now started fighting an uphill battle to protect the wildlife and its habitat. But the point is – when existence of EVERY LIVING BEING is under a big question mark, why don’t we all be concerned and give a hand to that never ending fight? When the catastrophe is knocking at the door and clock is ticking, why not every mind is ready to shield it? We better not wait for an ARK to come and shelter ‘Humanity’ and the ‘Wildlife’ from that disaster.