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Honest Opinion Stinks, But That Doesn’t Stop Me to Say It: Sonu Nigam

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Singer Sonu Nigam is not only known for his singing skills but also his outspoken nature and controversial comments on socio-political issues. He says he cannot be dishonest about his opinions.

“Look, opinion is like an a**hole, everyone has it. Some refuse to understand that. And the fact is honest opinion stinks, but that does not stop me to say it, why should I say something dishonest?” Sonu told IANS here.

Whether it was making a comment about the need for mosques in India to use a loudspeaker for the Azaan or supporting one of his colleagues on the #MeToo movement by saying “he was accused without proof”, Sonu often lands in controversies.

Music has been used as a language of protest and social changes for ages. Being a singer, instead of channelising all his opinion and anger through his music, why does Sonu opt to voice his opinion on public platforms?

“I keep music separate from politics, but I am a musician by profession who has an interest in world affairs and everything that is happening around us in the society. I read books, I interact with wise people who have in-depth knowledge of many things. So of course, if people and media ask me on things, I will react,” said the singer.