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Stephen Fry Just Spotted ‘Adarsh Balak’ Poster at His Doctor’s Office, and Desi Twitter Has Lost it

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Remember the charts you had as a child which were a pictorial representation of ‘Types of fruits’ and ‘Kinds of flowers’ labelled and divided into neat, small square boxes? You probably used them for scrapbooks or schoolwork.

Among these posters, however, was also a kind segment of them, teaching you how to be “the ideal child.” Or in Hindi, as it was sometimes literally titled, “Adarsh Balak.” As you grew up, they stopped being relevant and maybe hold only the sentiment of nostalgia now.

British comedian and author Stephen Fry just discovered one of these “Adarsh Balak” posters in his doctor’s office, and it may just be what you need to jog up your memory.
Sharing a picture of the poster on Twitter, Fry wrote that he thought it was, “Decidedly odd” of his doctor to hang this in his surgery. However, being the sport he is, he “tied to live up to it.”

“Haven’t managed to “Pray Almighty” or “Join NCC”, otherwise I’m getting there,” he stated.

Following him posting the picture, desi Twitter got all excited. How long was it that you saw one of these posters? Indians were convinced that the doctor had to be one of their ‘own’.