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A 75-Year-Old Woman in Bengaluru is Using a Solar-Powered Fan to Grill Corn

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Roasted corn is a street-food delicacy we all have grown up loving. A 75-woman in Bengaluru, who sells roasted corn for a living, has upgraded her methods of preparing this delicacy.

75-year-old Selvamma, who is a resident of Bengaluru, has been setting up her stall outside the Vidhana Soudha (State Legislative Assembly) building for over 20 years. Earlier, she would use the traditional method of roasting the corn – a manual cane fan and coal, and fanning the corn until it was grilled. Now, however, her cart boasts of a solar-powered fan.

“My hand hurts. That’s why they have given this,” Selvamma reveals to The News Minute. The ‘they’ in this case is the SELCO Foundation, which is “an open source not-for-profit enterprise creating solutions linking sustainable energy to poverty eradication across urban, rural and tribal areas.”
Selco has gifted the woman a solar-powered fan, which reduces the manual labour on her – she no longer has to fan the corn until it is roasted, as it does the job for her. The fan is a Direct Current fan with a lithium-ion battery

With the equipment, the time it takes for Selvamma to roast her corn has been cut down in half. While it would take her about ten minutes usually to roast her corn, with her new fan, the time is just five minutes.