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Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) have announced that Imagen Ltd have been successful in their bid to deliver a platform to provide centralised access to its large collection of rich media assets.

SNH generate large volumes of media content as part of their work to secure the conservation and enhancement of Scotland’s natural heritage – its wildlife, habitats and landscapes.

With so much data, SNH wanted more elegant and intuitive ways to find, manage and share it.  Having chosen Imagen’s Digital Asset Management tool, they will now be able to easily manage their content throughout its lifecycle.

Imagen will help SNH move towards a more mobile and flexible way of working; geared towards internal and external collaboration; and contribute to their commitment to make their content more open and accessible. SNH propose to move their large collection of video, images and pdfs from their current network storage to Imagen’s cloud platform. Once onboard and fully catalogued, they will be able to share internally and externally in a more secure and controlled manner.

Charlie Horrell, CEO Imagen adds “Scottish Natural Heritage are committed to delivering a service that meets 21st-century expectations and needs. We’re delighted that we can be part of that vision and their digital media strategy – making sure that valuable content is preserved for the future alongside Scotland’s natural capital.”

Stephen Gerrard, Information Management Programme Manager, at SNH said “We chose Imagen not only because it delivers best practice digital asset management, but more importantly our 700 members of staff based across 40 locations will all be able to quickly find the assets they need to inspire, enthuse and influence others to manage our natural resources sustainably.”