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No audio, Video Ringtones is becoming the latest Mobile Trend

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People are bored with mobile ringtones. Want something new like this? In this way some companies have introduced the video ringtones application. Youth are very much like this new app. This app gives the experience of video ringtones. Companies have created lock-screen video ringtones app. By downloading this app, users can set video ringtones for each call. What is the video ringtones

Just as we can set different audio ringtones for different numbers, the same video ringtones can be set as well. Video ringtones can be found through the app. You can download it from the Play Store and download the video you want. Apart from this, the video you create can also be set as a ringtones. Video ringtones can be accessed through apps like Wig, Epamonk and Softinic. People are staring new technology

Technology Expert Manish Chandel says that people are very much like this app of this new method. They say that some videos are ringtones apps available for download in India. These videos can also watch video calls made through the Rigon App. Technologist Expert Kuber Singh says that such ribbon is for Android phones. If you make a call in this, the saved video will be playing on the special number. This screen lock also runs on the phone. People like video calling app Such apps give a new type of experience. People always go to new technology in technology. In such cases, these apps are getting popularity.

– Aarti Dhiman, Expert, Jester Research Technologies, people are getting excited about the video ringtones especially in the youth. Calling and receiving the video is driving the video on the phone. People are using it to download videos for different numbers under it.