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Blessed for the devotees to perform Kumbh bath

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Gurujram: The saints and saints blessed the MLA Umesh Agarwal for taking a Kumbh bath by taking thousands of people from the city to Prayagraj. On Saturday morning, a large number of sadhus and saints reached their residence on Sector-5. Everyone said that there is a lot of distance from Prayagraj to Gurujram. By taking people into buses and taking Kumbh bathing is a great work of virtue. The journey of all the people was completely successful. Nobody has trouble at any level.

Swami Nityanand Das Maharaj, who came to bless, said that as a single group, about eight thousand pilgrims have a record to perform kumbh bathing. He expected MLA Umesh Agrawal to continue earning virtue by doing such religious and social work in the future. Swami Indragiri Maharaj said that it is a matter of good luck for the MLA that so many people got the opportunity to take a holy Mahakumbh bath. He said that the benefit of the virtue of religious programs performed in the form of a group or group is more than the rituals performed alone. Swami Kuldeep Maharaj, Uday Narayan Das, Idea Das, Prem Nath, Mahadev Baba, Brahmapuri Maharaj, Shambhu Giri Maharaj, Harsh baba etc. arrived. On 12th February, Mahakumbh Shrine Tour was organized in the name of MLA Umesh Agrawal. In this trip about eight thousand pilgrims had used kumbh bath in 180 buses. A large number of women and saints were also included in the trip.