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On the return of congratulations, Shahrukh said, bravery, salute, Vidya said

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Anupriya Verma, Mumbai Wing Commander congratulations on the country’s return, it is time to glee across the whole of India. So, the big names of the Hindi film industry have called the greeting of congratulations.

Vidya Balan has said that she is happy that congratulations are coming back. He wants to salute them and he is well aware of what will happen to his family. He said that the world would be blind only because of taking eyes for eyes instead of blindness. It is important that everything is alright.

Shah Rukh Khan wrote a special message for congratulations. He has written that there can be no better experience than this in the world. The easiest way to get to your home is to relax. In your house where love, faith, hope and dreams are. Your bravery makes us stronger. You are wholeheartedly welcome.