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Satsang: Srimad Bhagwat story in ancient Shri Krishna temple

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Gurujram: Bhagwat Katha is being organized in ancient Srikrishna temple located in Jharsa. Kath Vyas Pandit Yogesh Shastri narrated the story of Govardhanshari Krishna in the story of Thursday. He told how Lord Krishna did not shiver the pride of Indra but also reminded Gowdardhan Mountains and Yaduvanshis about their power.

On Friday, the Holi celebrations of Holi and Phalgun were celebrated. The temple complex was echoed with songs of Krishna Bhakti. The temple’s principal Raj Singh said that this event is being organized under the program of the Foundation Day celebrations of the temple. Jagaran will be held from 9 pm on Saturday and the closing of the story and Bhandara will be organized on Sunday, in which about 25 thousand people will receive the prasad.