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Combined CBSE Physics Paper

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On Tuesday, the examination of the CBSE Class XII physics was held. Students may have been easy on the first day in English exams, but physics papers turned students. The average student was unable to complete the paper, but the average better students did the paper well. The reason was that the paper was slightly curved and long for the students. According to him, the first trick question in the paper was to write the simple questions and write it while leaving. According to the subject experts, the questions were not very difficult, but due to the long answer to the questions, the questions of the students dropped.

Student Prakhar said that he had worked very hard but due to the paper curved, the question was waived. Even though the paper was not hard, but the writing time was very short. There are some questions left in this. According to student Suhani, the paper was good but it was too long. The paper was so long that writing was finished at the time of writing. According to student Jahnavi, the paper was good. Even after writing early on too many questions left the discounts. There were a few tricky questions, but then resolved them. Just did not get the time to do anything else. ‘Paper was tall and tricky. In such a situation, good students also became uncomfortable. This time there were more options in the questions. Earlier there were alternatives in only five questions, But this time there were options in 11 questions. This gave students great relief. The problem of the students came just because the question paper was long. Even good students were complaining that the questions were missed. The person who has kept the Writing Speed good from the beginning, his full paper must have been correct.

– Pankaj Gupta, Professor, Physics, Salwan Public School ‘Today’s paper was standard but paper was lined up. This time CBSE had changed the pattern in which the value-based questions were abolished. From this time, two and three digit questions were raised. Because of this, the paper was divided into several parts and tall. Less than average students have difficulty in papers.