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With Sooryavanshi, Rohit Shetty is All Set to Launch His Own Universe?

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Though the viewers got a sneak peek of what director Rohit Shetty has in store for them after the climax of Simbba, when Akshay Kumar was introduced as Veer Sooryavanshi post final credits, he formally launched the first look of his next titled Sooryavanshi today. The film has Kumar playing a daredevil ATS officer.
It’s a very interesting space he is dealing in, and he has been giving ample indications about it. In an earlier interview with Bollywood Hungama, he had said, “…we will be doing Singham 3, it’s a big brand, it’s a great character. Just that we are waiting for the right script.”

When asked about combining the two characters, Singham and Simmba, he said, “I won’t lie that it’s not something we have thought of.”
Shetty’s last release Simmba had a cameo by Ajay Devgn, whose Bajirao Singham comes to investigate a case of fake shooting involving Ranveer Singh’s Sangram Bhalerao. In a way, it started the combination of two characters from two separate universes belonging to Rohit Shetty. The introduction of Veer Sooryavanshi’s character was also an extension of this thought process.

In the film, Singham calls to congratulate Sooryavanshi on his new appointment in the ATS, while Simmba is sitting beside him in a police van. In one scene, he established the mentor-mentee angle that the audience could expect from his future films.

No Indian filmmaker has been so audacious about establishing different franchises and characters like Shetty so far. To be honest, nobody in Bollywood has established one character as the driver of a franchise. With two Dabangg films as exceptions, commercially successful franchises like Raaz or Murder or Jannat or Shetty’s own Golmaal haven’t got any primary character in common. There are a couple of repetition but they’re more like the added flavours than actually being the core force.

In such a scenario, Sooryavanshi is a major step forward in pitching and perfecting a Marvel-like universe, where both standalone and franchise films will be produced.

If that indeed happens, then Shetty will be successfully creating a brand bracket that will have much more resonance and the potential to plug-in other franchise films than anybody else in the Hindi film domain.