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In the interior of the home, the organic material is being given priority

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The simplicity has now taken place in the interior of the glitter. In this way, people are giving preference to the use of natural and organic material. The trend of people is now towards the natural interior, so these days the organic material such as cork is being done to make the interior trend. Color of modernity has improved on the appearance of cork by painting in colors. Now making homes from homes to offices are enriching the interior. Not only that, along with being eco-friendly, this also reduces the effect of noise pollution. To prevent heat

According to interior designer Soumya, Cork also works as a temperature controller on walls due to flexible and solid materials. In this case, its original form is being applied on the walls in various designs. It is being adopted as the best option for the coming season. In different rooms of the houses it is being installed in different finishes. Besides the walls, it is also being used as floor tiles. People with cottage making and flooring of cork are very much liked by the furniture. It absorbs the sounds in homes. Organic touch in light

The cork is being used on floor and walls, as well as in the home decor accessories. Interior Design According to Hina, the demand for cork is very high at this time to install lights and chants. This seems to be a new thing to the people. In this way people are very like Cork Lightning. Designers cork prominence in the new interior. Furniture & Decorations

People are designing cork to give a new and unique look to the furniture. According to Gitanjali, interior design, in addition to table, chairs, cupboards and stool sets, cork touch looks very attractive even on small stylish hands and windows. Organic Board for Wall Decoration

Cork is being used from the floor of the bathroom to the pinboard. In today’s trend, people decorate the walls with a collage on the pinboard. In this way, Cork is proving to be the most useful in this thing. Due to the properties of cork it is being used from interior to small to large part. Cork is currently in fashion in the interior. This is multipurpose. EcoFrenthly and Green are material as well as fashionable. Wall paneling is used in table decorations along with other decorative accessories.

– Hina Abral, interior designer, Delhi Organic Material has emerged as a new interior trend. It has been made very versatile by various experiments on this. People in homes want Cork Finnish I have used cork in the interior of houses and restaurants in the interior of bar etc. Although it has not done much work right now, now its trends are attracting people to a great extent.