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ACP visits tour for peace and tranquility

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Communication Associate, Badshahpur: ACP Aman Yadav visited Tikri village to maintain peace and tranquility in the coming Lok Sabha elections. The ACP urged the people to maintain mutual harmony during the elections.

Police administration has started preparations for Lok Sabha elections. Officers are going to the villages and are meeting with the guests. In Tikri village, ACP Aman Yadav held a meeting with the people of the village on Wednesday. He urged the people to maintain their synergy during the elections. The ACP said that there should be no partisan in the village during elections and people should not have any kind of confusion among themselves. For all rural voting, come up with as many as possible. Make unbiased voting without fear and fear. During the polling, there will be adequate management of the police. The police are ready to deal strictly with those who try to interfere in the elections. Former sarpanch Jai Bhagwan assured the ACP and his team that peace prevails during elections in their village. In the meeting, the former Sarpanch of the village Jai Bhagwan, Rajendra Waelwan, Krishna Yadav, Ramkishan Yadav, Ramesh Yadav, Surendra, Naresh,