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PUBG Mobile Addiction: Youngster From Jalandhar Steals Money to Buy Game Controller, In-Game Weapons

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PUBG Mobile has become quite the craze leading to addiction and self-harm. In a recent case, a teen withdrew money from his father’s bank account to purchase a PUBG game controller as well as weapons for the online game, the Jalandhar police said on Saturday. The matter came to light after the father filed a police complaint on January 20, citing that around Rs 50,000 had been withdrawn from his bank account. He had not even received a one-time password (OTP) or any transaction alert. With the help of Paytm officials, the contact number and address of the buyer was found. The complainant’s son who studies in Class 10 confessed that he stole and spent Rs 50, 000 on the game.

Various state governments on multiple occasions have expressed their views around the game calling it a ‘demon’ and a source of addiction that is rotting youngsters’ minds. Rajkot Police has banned the online multi-player game, citing it to be “addictive” and harmful for children. According to a notification issued by Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal on Monday, the new ban will be implemented from March 9 till April 30.
Once implemented, anyone could report an instance of someone playing PUBG and the latter may face prosecution under the Central Government Act under Section 188. A similar notification has been issued against the viral ‘Momo Challenge’, a viral hoax challenge in which an unknown stranger allegedly entices users to indulge in harmful, even fatal acts.