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Congress Website Briefly Down as Election Manifesto Release Leads to Spike in Traffic

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The website of the Indian National Congress party is back online, after going offline for a while. The website became inaccessible some moments after the Congress party announced its election manifesto for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. At the time of writing this, the website is back online and is accessible. It is believed that the website went offline because of the spike in web traffic after the party uploaded the manifesto. Congress had issued a statement as soon as the website went offline, which suggested that they were working on the issue.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday promised to provide Rs 72,000 each year to the poorest families and fill 22 lakh government vacancies among others if his party won the Lok Sabha elections.

“The main theme of our manifesto will be NYAY scheme, employment to youth by filling 22 lakh government vacancies, guaranteeing jobs for 150 days under MGNREGA instead of 100 days, 6 percent GDP will be used in education,” he said after releasing the party manifesto here.