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Farewell party in Gurugram school turns violent, 3 injured

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Three class 12 students of a private school in Sector 22 sustained injuries after they were allegedly beaten up by fellow students during a farewell party held within the school’s premises, said the police.

The police said the incident took place on April 5 on the dance stage during a farewell party that the school had organised for the outgoing batch, which had recently appeared for examination.

One of the students recorded his statement with the police, alleging that after getting into a fight with three other students, four men, who appeared to be bouncers, tried to hit him with a glass bottle, and he injured his hand while trying to protect himself. Two of his friends also sustained injuries on their faces and shoulders, and all three received treatment at a hospital in Palam Vihar.

In the police complaint, the complainant, aged 18, said, “Around 2.45 pm, when I was dancing on the stage, three students came close to me and started fighting with another student. One of them hit me on my neck and grabbed my shirt collar. I also held on to his collar. As the scuffle was escalating, the teachers took me to the reception area. Sometime later, four men, who appeared to be bouncers, approached and started fighting with us on the stage. They tried to hit me with a glass bottle and, in my attempt to protect myself, I sustained an injury on my finger,” The complainant was taken to the hospital by his father and brother.

The school authorities, however, said that the complainant, injured his hand when he tried to yank open a glass door as he was being separated from the alleged scuffle by teachers and security staff.

“The school had organised a farewell party. We were aware of the possibility of a fight and had taken all the necessary precautions. I had informed the complainant’s father a day prior to the incident to be vigilant and pick his son up after the party. During the dance, there was some pushing around among a few students, and as a result, three students sustained an injury. We separated the students and the complainant was taken to the reception room. As he was trying to yank open the latch of a glass door, his hand got injured. There were no glass bottles. It can be seen on the CCTV footage,” said the school principal.

The school principal also said that the school was cooperating with the police in the probe and will share the CCTV footage with the police. Ashok Kumar, assistant sub-inspector, Palam Vihar police station, said that police was conducting the probe and will inspect the CCTV footage before taking any action.