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Lok Sabha elections: Stock register of liquor vends to be checked daily

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To keep a check on the use of liquor to influence voters in the run up to the Lok Sabha election, the Gurugram deputy commissioner on Tuesday issued directions that stock register of liquor vends would be checked every day. If there is difference in sale by more than 30% of the stock compared to last year or there is a huge offtake of liquor, then the sale would be investigated to check if it has been diverted to influence the electorate.

Amit Khatri, deputy commissioner and returning officer of Gurgaon Lok Sabha constituency, said that these measures were being taken to check the tendency of political parties distributing liquor during polls. Khatri said that liquor vends where there was heavy offtake of liquor would remain under scrutiny of the excise and taxation officials. “Officials from other departments will also be asked to check the stock registers,” he said during a video conference with state election commissioner Rajiv Ranjan.

Apart from that, the district administration and elections officials in neighbouring districts would also be asked to remain alert and prevent the smuggling and distribution of liquor as well as money. He also asked citizens to report any violation through the cVigil smart application by downloading it on their phones.

Till Tuesday, the election officials had received 56 complaints through this application, of which 33 were from the Gurgaon assembly constituency, he said.

During the conference, Ranjan also said that the government employees could not refuse election duties and if anyone did so, action could be taken against them under rules. He also said that election staff would be deputed through a randomisation software in order to ensure transparency in polls. He also asked returning officers to ensure that election staff is trained properly.